Litigation is a right that is guaranteed to all people under the Constitution of the UAE. The Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Law Office has an elite group of legal advisers and lawyers with over 40 years of legal experience litigating in all courts throughout the UAE. This includes areas of civil, commercial, real estate, rental, labor, guardianship, inheritance and family law. Our litigation team has litigated in the Family Courts, Court of First Instance, Appeal Courts, Supreme Court and Court of Cassation.
Arbitration a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts. The parties to a dispute refer it to arbitration by one or more persons (the «arbitrators», «arbiters» or «arbitral tribunal»), and agree to be bound by the arbitration decision (the «award»). A third party reviews the evidence in the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts. Our lawyers are experienced in various different types of dispute including: ((commercial and financial banking ,goods ,construction ,real estate ,insurance ,transportation and shipping )) Working closely together enhances solving the problems of our clients. Our specialist lawyers have extensive experience in all types of arbitration, and working on the implementation of the provisions of the arbitration, both within the UAE and abroad.
Legal advice is to explore the opinion of the law regarding a particular issue, or dispute that is possible to occur in the future, and its goal is to determine the provisions of law in order to be with sure knowledge when taking your decision, and to not be liable for anything or incurring any or loss, and to fill the gaps that can benefit the party contracted with the seeker of the advice. We understand our clients› business needs and offer tailored solutions. We can quickly assess the risks and commercial issues involved with the contracts on which we advise, which enables us to provide both legal and strategic commercial advice. We also provide the advice concerning a variety of different joint ventures. Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the local legal and regulatory environment which, when coupled with the delivery of our advice in line with international legal standards, enables us to provide the most cost-effective, practical and commercial advice whilst ensuring legal objectives are also met.
The establishment of a commercial project or company in the UAE requires an in-depth knowledge of all regulations, legal requirements and Governmental actions necessary. Therefore, we in Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Office deal professionally and at appropriate speed to establish your commercial project in the UAE, whether in free zones or outside. Our technical support team and legal advisers can offer advice and assistance in: company or project registration procedures establishment and registration of the memorandum of association with the competent authorities obtaining all the necessary licenses and approvals working as legal advisers for the company support legal regulation of the company establishment of contracts entered into follow legal obligations both within the UAE or abroad deal with all legal issues relating to the company and partners
The UAE has boosted its investment in the aviation sector to approximately 140 billion dollars to be used over the next 10 years. These funds will improve the infrastructure of the air transport sector. These figures are preliminary and are likely to rise with the preparations underway for Dubai to host the International Expo 2020. The United Arab Emirates has also entered into air transportation agreements with more than 160 countries out of 190 member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), representing 84% of the total market. The UAE continues to benefit from a continuous high annual increase of around 20% in the number of passengers and a 7% increase in the volume of air traffic. We have had long-term relationships with some of the main actors in the field of aviation. The benefit of this is that we thoroughly understand the aviation sector. This means we are able to provide the best legal practices for corporate clients and government institutions within this sector such as: Corporate aviation services ,Aerospace engineering ,Air freight ,Airport services ,Air transport ,Aircraft rental ,Airports management services.
Maritime transport carries 90% of world trade. Its annual revenue is five hundred billion dollars. Maritime transport is considered to be the artery of the global economy. Maritime transport, is among the cheapest form of transport available for transportation of goods. We in the Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Office are proud of the existence of one of the most effective practices in maritime law in the region. We are able to represent companies and ship owners in a variety of areas including: protection and indemnity ,dry docks, freight forwarders tenants ,banks ,courier companies ,collision ,ship finance ,claims goods ,shipbuilding contracts ,insurance .regulation, and ports and terminals. Our practice also includes advising on issues relating to the negitive externalitis impacted on the affecting the imoact on the environment caused by supertankers.
Our real estate practice ranges from specific property and related transactions to the property issues that arise in commercial transactions. We have advised on many of the largest and most innovative UAE commercial property transactions. Our work includes: Acquisition and disposal ,disposal of property portfolios ,discrete sales and purchases every aspect of development including planning, environment, construction and taxation issues, the whole range of landlord and tenant matters from the creation and disposal of leasehold interests to ongoing management issues, and real estate finance, advising owners, lenders, borrowers, equity investors, lead managers and all aspects of financing, secured lending and secularization, Construction contracts, ranging from major infrastructure provision ,power and energy projects to inner city development and regeneration.
Our team of financial service lawyers and consultants work with banks at the core of their business to provide a complete package of (lending and information management – organizational and institutional management concerning employment – competition to insurance claims. We can also advise on a wide range of transactional issues, from outsourcing and immigration through to tax and off-shore company structuring. Our experts in the field of legal litigation aim to get the best desired results in all issues related to the banking and financial sectors in civil and criminal cases and at the different levels of courts, including first instance, appellate and cassation.
Intellectual property is defined as the intangible rights protecting the products of human intelligence and creation, such as copyrightable works, patented inventions, Trademarks, and trade secrets. At Khalifa bin Huwaidan we seek to manage and mitigate risk and to maximize the return from intellectual property (IP) assets for the benefit of our clients. We advise on all aspects of the creation, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights. We deal with disputes relating to the issues of intellectual property. Disputes range from complex patent actions to all forms of dispute relating to trade marks, passing off, copyright, database rights, design rights and breach of confidence claims. Our experience encompasses multi-jurisdictional and domestic disputes at every level including proceedings in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the registries including Ministry of Economy, registers, and the European Patent Office.
Oil is essential for many industries, and is of paramount importance for many countries. Oil is responsible for a large proportion of global energy consumption. The scope of work of Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Office includes the formulation and review of all agreements and contracts with respect to oil and gas services. We have had and still have a leading role in the oil and gas sector through a group of qualified consultants. This area forms an integral part of our Energy practice. Our work includes license applications, mergers and acquisitions, farm-ins, joint ventures, oil and gas projects and financings, environmental, tax and dispute resolution, mid and downstream, acquisitions, disposals and financings relating to pipelines, gas processing plants and refinery assets. We have an international leading role in this sector.
Insurance is a distinctive economic activity for the service sector, which offers a proper cover against the installment paid, which is the protection against any uncertain danger against a financial liability. We advise on a variety of areas, including corporate, financial regulation, capital markets, strategic sourcing and insurance and reinsurance litigation. We provide a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners with a formidable blend of legal and regulatory expertise. We Advise On (Asset and liability management – Capital raising and securitizations – Demutualization, , restructurings and other Part VII transfers – Distribution and outsourcing transactions – Management of long-term insurance funds – Private and public M&A, joint ventures and closed fund deals – Risk transfer, including reinsurance, longevity swaps and other risk transfer techniques).
Sports clubs moved from the stage of the amateur to professionalism to give the games the status of the international Olympic Games. Sports clubs also moved from being social clubs to being companies; the matter that highlights the role of law offices in offering strategic support to protect these clubs and fortify them through the conventions and legal contracts that fit the strategy of the clubs and Sports councils. Here, the positive role of Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Office manifests itself as being one of the houses of legal expertise to provide all aspects of support for the practical and scientific experience, where His Excellency/ Khalifa Bin Huwaidan is now the head of a first division clubs in the UAE, in addition to elite group of British advisers who are involved in the professionalism and representation of sports bodies and players in the field of Sports and the settlement sports› disputes, including discipline and appeal committees, rooms of dispute resolution, as well as sports bodies such as the Chamber of dispute resolution at the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Kas).
It is the market that collects and focuses the supply and demand of funds for the long term. this is what distinguishes it from the cash market, which deals with credit for the short term. We implement a focus on our clients’ individual requirements and ensure that we provide commercial solutions within the context of the services we provide to our clients. Our in-depth knowledge and our experience acting on behalf of entities and institutions within the financial sector operating arrangements, including (formulating and reviewing all the agreements and contracts concerning such matters – Capital markets financing – Funds formation and investments – Equity financing formation – joint venture and partnership – Finance, operating and tax-based leasing – Concession-based – project financings). Our track record of consulting on a wide range of large-scale and multi-jurisdictional transactions, coupled with our insight cultivated through our long-term relationships with some of the industry›s key players, mean that our clients benefit from working with a team that grasps a true understanding of the financial services sector and its issues.
Mining is the extraction of valuable metals from the ground, with the metal usually in the form of sweat, rock, or layers and these minerals include; bauxite, gold, silver, copper, diamond, lead, nickel, iron, uranium, coal and tin. We have deep-rooted relationships with some of the worlds largest mining and mineral companies and extensive experience advising on mining and minerals transactions and projects around the world. Our work in this sector is part of our well-established Mining and Minerals practice, which provides advice across all legal disciplines for a broad range of clients, including major industrial companies, utilities, government departments, regulators and financial institutions. Much of our work in this sector has international dimensions; that enables us to provide legal, strategic commercial, and organizational advice.
The UK Government has recognized the importance of overseas financial and intellectual capital to the UK economy and as a result introduced changes to immigration policy to facilitate the emigration of investors and entrepreneurs to the UK. The country has one of the world’s most attractive financial centres and offers excellent education facilities. We have specialists practicing in this field both in the UAE and through our collaboration with our British partner, Harding Mitchell Office. Khalifa bin Huwaidan Advocates and Legal Consultants is able to offer an holistic service to entrepreneurs and investors wishing to emigrate to the UK. We are able to assist with the immigration applications from entry to the UK through to British citizenship. We are also able to offer business services including assistance with business plans and setting up your company.